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Have you had enough of the “pay and pray” brand of SEO, spending money for mysterious services and seemingly never seeing results? How about ad spend draining your profits?

Maybe you should try an agency so confident you’ll see results within 60 days, that we’ll refund your money if you don’t. Will your current agency do that? 

What Can On Top Local SEO Do For You?

On Top Local SEO specializes in small businesses, and especially contractor and construction businesses. We drive growth by boosting search visibility through sound local SEO practices proven to work within weeks to months, not years. Getting your site seen in searches is key, and that usually means the front page. 

We also provide web design and content services. We can design or re-work your website to give you the best chance to convert your visitors into customers.  But the most beautiful site in the world needs to be found. Web design without good local SEO is like a beautiful luxury car with no engine – the family can enjoy it in the garage, but otherwise it’s useless.

With a background in roofing and construction, we understand our clients better than most agencies. By using our own websites as a lab, we prove out everything we do. We back our SEO with a guarantee, because we know what works. 

Your SEO Budget Should be Funded By Your Results

With a background in roofing, we went through it too. Agencies who tell you that SEO takes a year or more to see results, and you need to spend money on PPC ads until your SEO kicks in. In other words, pay them for hope (SEO), and buy advertising so you can make enough to pay for the SEO. 

We found that many agencies have no idea what is actually needed. Or if they know, they’re not doing those things. Maybe they think that if they show you results, you’ll leave. PPC ads must keep running for results. Every month, you only get what you spend that month.

On Top Local SEO is About Dreams

Your business may be your life’s calling. Maybe you spend what free time you have counting the minutes until you can get back to work. If that’s you, just imagine what life could be like if we can double your revenue. When local SEO is done effectively, companies have to buy new vehicles and hire more people. If you just can’t get enough of work, we can keep you busy.


Or maybe you are one of those business owners who started a business with hopes of becoming so successful, that money was no longer an obstacle. Effective local SEO doubling – or even tripling – your revenue could mean that you can afford to hire someone to manage the parts of your business you don’t enjoy. 

While we can’t guarantee that you will double or triple your business, that is often the kind of effect that suddenly appearing on page one of local search results has on a business. That kind of growth can mean you’re finally able to take the family on vacations. It can enable you to provide for your family like you dreamed of doing when you started that business. 

If those are the kind of results you’d like, then contact us to see if you qualify. We can’t take on everyone. But if we agree to work with you, we guarantee you will see significant, measurable improvement within 60 days. Two months. What do you have to lose?

How Money Spent on Agencies Affects Revenue

Money spent on SEO is not the same as money spent on pay-per-click (PPC) ad spend. Ad spend has no residual effect on traffic or revenue. SEO, on the other hand, continues to work long afterwards. Not forever, but there is a cumulative residual effect.

Below are some conceptual examples to show this visually. (These are not real world numbers, just examples).

In both cases, $2000 per month is spent for 5 months, and there is $30,000 in revenue to start with. We are assuming an ROI of 5 times the money spent, for comparison purposes. Real world experience may be more or less than this.

PPC Ad Spend Revenue Boost

Ad spend revenue boost

With a $2000 budget, while the ads are running there is a $10,000 boost in revenue. Once the ads stop running, the boost stops. There is no residual effect. This also assumes effective ad campaigns and conversions, and does not take into account fees that are charged to run those ads (often, about 20%). Those can be risky assumptions to make, in practice. 

Ad spend table

This example would yield a $50,000 increase in revenue off of $10,000 in ad spend.  This is a 14% increase in revenue ($410,000 vs $360,000 without running the ads). Stated differently, this is a 500% ROI on the $10,000 spent in ads.

PPC Ad Spend Revenue Boost

SEO spend revenue boost

With the same $2000 budget, effective SEO boosts organic search results ranking, causing the same $10,000 boost in revenue (in this example). However, the work done in the previous month does not disappear. The effect is cumulative. Even if the budget is stopped, the results continue to affect revenue for months in the future.

SEO Spend table

Spending that same $10,000 on effective local SEO leverages the cumulative effect of that residual. In this example, spending $10,000 on SEO yielded $275,000 in additional revenue, which is a 76% increase. In this case, the ROI is a whopping 2,750% on the $10,000 invested in SEO. With that kind of return, why would you ever stop putting money towards local SEO?

Obviously, this is a hypothetical example. Real world effects on revenue can vary greatly, based on industry, competition, size of the market, ability of the site to convert traffic and the sales people to close leads, etc. The point is the comparison, and to demonstrate the difference the residual effect that good SEO work has on revenue, versus no residual effect whatsoever from PPC advertising.

Isn't SEO an Unpredictable and Lengthy Process?

Almost every agency will tell you that SEO takes time. A lot of time. 6 months, 12 months, maybe 24 months. You can easily go out onto the web and find whitepapers and tools and videos and courses on SEO. You could spend a year full-time, studying it. We did. We found a lot of contradictory information, some misinformation, and plain old black hat techniques. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of technical details.

And then, there’s the implementation. Learn web development and design. Write copy. Do outreach. Chase citations. Just be sure that you implement only methods that work. Make sure your copy converts, yet also is optimized for searches. It really doesn’t take long to realize why agencies charge so much. Plus, with all the conflicting advice and perceived unpredictable results, it’s no wonder that most agencies tell you there are no guarantees, and you need to give them a six to twelve month contract to “give it time to work.” 

How Is On Top Local SEO Different?

We started as a roofing company. We spent loads of money on SEO with other agencies, with little to no measurable results. It just seemed like dumping money down a black hole. So one of us devoted full time to figuring this out, over 18 months. Some things caused the needle to move, and other things didn’t. We waded through the sea of SEO advice. We took courses. We tried all this stuff out on our own roofing website. And we cracked the code.

We started seeing things that would make significant differences in search results in weeks – and sometimes, even days. The results were consistent. They are not 100%, but that seems to be just a matter of how much focus is put on a particular area. When we apply focus, we end up on page one. In fact, doing this right is so effective, that we can offer a guarantee that it will work within 60 days – or we will give you a refund. 

As contractors and small business owners first, we understand what you go through. You can’t afford to ship buckets of cash off to some agency for some vague SEO hocus pocus. We believe that you should see a real world difference, one that will pay for our services many times over. If we can’t provide a return on your SEO investment, then we shouldn’t be taking your money.

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How much does your SEO and other services cost?

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